What are Penny Thoughts?

In grad school, my class had a Yahoo! email group.  Group emails are useful for sharing pertinent information but occasionally they become forums for internet gangster behavior and people’s unsolicited opinions.  I don’t remember what the debate was, but a classmate wrote a long email with her position and in closing wrote ‘those are just my penny thoughts’.

I’m sorry, what?  I died.

Then I felt kinda bad.  This young lady was not a native English speaker and seemed to have confused the common sayings ‘those are my two cents’ and ‘a penny for your thoughts’.

At first I would use it in emails to be a jerk, but secretly I liked it.  As a statement, it is a phrase that can mean those are just my views/opinions/etc.  As a question, you can solicit the perspective of others.  A two for one.  I liked it even more.

Many postings for this blog, well I guess all at least for now, will be my unsolicited musings on whatever I feel like.  Yay!  Are you excited?

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  1. This is wonderful!!!

  2. Thanks Ry

  3. YES!!! I can’t wait for more posts!!

  4. Yay! can’t wait to take this journey with you!! Your wit and musings have always left me cracking up, so I suppose it’s only fair to share you with the rest of the world Great first post..just my penny thoughts though;-)

  5. Very nice initial post. The site is clean and easy to navigate. I am going to enjoy following your muses. You just inspired me to open a twitter account. My wife keeps telling me that everyone says that facebook is for “old people,” you know people over 30!!! How is it that young folks are already considering facebook a thing of the past. Will it be like myspace in a few years? You know your fiance had a myspace page, LOL. Sorry to let out his secret.

  6. I learned FB was not hip (showing my age) anymore from a high school girl early this summer. It’s all about Instragram now. I can’t keep up.

  7. How ironic is it that FB just completed its purchase of Instagram a few days ago!!! It was sold to FB for an estimated 1 billion dollars in cash and stock.

  8. Go Whitni, go Whitni!