On Repeat- Awkward Black Girl S2, E4

‘On Repeat’ will be a series about songs, videos, clips, etc. I can’t get enough of and thus play over and over and over.  You get it I’m sure.

To start, a new episode of Awkward Black Girl was released on September 13!

I honestly cannot get enough of this popular web series.  This is the second season.  I must admit, the last episode wasn’t quite is hilarious as most others.  But episode 4 “The Search” is back at the inappropriateness, awkwardness and random dancing that made season 1 such a hit.  I love it.  ABG causes me to guffaw to the point of causing upper respiratory irritation.

Check out the lastest episode.

What are your penny thought about ABG?

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  1. Too funny! I had heard about this series but never watched it on my own so thanks for sharing! This is hilarious!

  2. Girl you’re welcome. Be sure to check out season 1- there are no words…

  3. I’m going to start watching from the first episode!!! The middle passage…..still cracking my sides!