On Repeat- Donny Hathaway ‘A Song For You’

Today I was attempting to flight to Nashville standby and that didn’t work out.  So I wound up going to a Pilates class where the instructor played a number of Donny Hathaway songs.

I am in awe of this man’s talent and am in love with his voice.  So of course I come home and play ‘A Song For You’ ten times.  Well come to find out, Donny Hathaway was born October 1, 1945.  Maybe the Pilates instructor knew that or maybe it’s a coincidence.  Whatever the case, happy birthday to an extraordinary vocalist and musician.

Enjoy the video.  This one has the lyrics with the song.  Take time to read them.

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  1. what a way to start the morning!! love donny!!!

  2. Isn’t he remarkable?