Giving thanks

I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  For wonderful family and friends.  For a stable job.  For good mental and physical health.  For unconditional love from an amazing man.  For online shopping to avoid ridiculousness this weekend.

And for not having to prepare a damn dish today.

Last year, we hosted dinner for eight people, including us.  It was my first time, hosting Thanksgiving, making dressing, roasting a turkey, etc.  Our friend Max dubbed it ‘Young People’s Thanksgiving 2011’.

Thanksgiving with a nickname… I was nervous.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  In the past my mom’s family used it as an unofficial family reunion.  We had Thanksgiving in Chicago, Houston, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Orlando.  Memories of delicious food and heartwarming fellowship is what I associate with this holiday.

Last year I wanted to provide that experience for our guest.  I made the turkey, dressing (one vegetarian friendly, one not), a chocolate caramel tart, strawberry mold and brussels sprouts (which I will never make again).  Friends brought homemade rolls, salad, mac and cheese, pie, sweet potato souffle and green been casserole.

Thanksgiving 2011 spread

Thanksgiving 2011 spread

I also went for a walk in the woods and got a centerpiece.  I found a fallen branch, that I sprayed with disinfectant (made sense in my head at the time), and surrounded it with candles.   Luckily, Max took some pictures on his phone.

Thanksgiving 2011 table

Thanksgiving 2011 table


Table with mood lighting

Table with mood lighting

We had a great time.  I hope to do it again.  But this year, my significant other is working, therefore I am headed to a friend’s place.  I asked twice if I needed to bring anything and was told no.  So I am going to show up with some wine and get it in.

I hope you have a relaxing and joyful Thanksgiving.


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  1. Young People’s Thanksgiving 2011 was awesome!

  2. disinfectant on the branch LOL classic!! YPT 2011!!

  3. The table centerpiece is very creative and elegant. It set the ambience for room . The food looked delicious and I’m sure it was.
    Art and food go hand’n’hand, as always.” BON APPETITE “or should I say, “BON VIVANT” !!!