February, 2013

On Repeat- Omarion ‘M.I.A.’

I am currently OB-sessed with this song.

When I first listened to the words, I thought ‘Oh no O, what happened? Why’d she leave?’…  He’s sad, trying to numb the pain with alcohol, fill the void with other women.  However, if you listen too close, you may notice it is not the deepest song ever, and could be a little contradictory.  (He loves this woman but has another basically waiting in line…)

Then I watched video.

Um, sir, you cheated.  Hell yeah she should be M.I.A.

Ultimately, I could care less about the fact that he is a jerk in the song/video.  And of course the video is a misogynistic with the ladies in the lingerie.  But the song has a sexy, chill feel.  It has Wale.  I think it falls in line with being ‘sophisatrachet’.

What’s even better…. it’s available as a free download!  Below is a link of Omarion’s EP.  Some of the songs are mehhhhh, but all that matters is ‘M.I.A.’ is on there.


Alright in the playlist.


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The Trashy Truth- Stale Popcorn

This is the first of a series where for some reason I have decide to divulge less than desirable likes, habits, traits, etc.

With the end of the movie awards season coming to a close Sunday with the Academy Awards, I have been trying to pack in as much culture as possible.  I mean I should want to see Silver Linings Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty right?  These are the critically acclaimed pictures that sophisticated people go see and then discuss.  I shouldn’t waste my time with low-class movies like A Haunted House.

Honestly, I really want to see all the above and more.  I like going to the show (as Midwesterners say).  But ticket prices are getting a little ridiculous.  I mean the other weekend, I was in Atlanta and when I treated my mom to Argo and forgot to ask for a senior ticket I got a little mad at myself.  Yes I only would have saved $1 but it’s the principle.

With the expensive admission, I tend to skip the snack (see saving $1 above).  But when I went to see Lincoln last weekend, I treated myself with a medium popcorn with butter.  Lots ‘o’ butter.  I purposely didn’t eat it all.  I wanted to eat it the next day, when it would knowingly be stale.

I really thoroughly enjoy stale, buttered, salted popcorn.  I think I inherited this from my mother.  It’s so yummy.  It’s a shameful, trashy treat.  And this time I think I heard a little squeak when I was eating it.  Like if I had chewed on styrofoam… it sounds horribly disgusting as I try to describe it.  But I love it!  Nom nom nom.





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Pet Peeve- Elevator Riders



I haven’t experienced this in a long time, but it happened last week.  I was taking the elevator from the 7th floor down to the 2nd.  My friends and I stepped into a car with about 5 other people.  One friend got off at 5.  A lady sighed ‘Oh it skipped 6.’  She didn’t get off.

I guess she was just planning to ride until it made its last stop and ride back up.  Why didn’t she just get off at 5 and take the stairs one flight?  In my judgement, laziness.

When I originally thought about this pet peeve, I thought about people who get on an elevator, knowing it’s not going in the direction they want and actually say ‘Oh I’m a just ride’.

What? No.  Just wait until it comes back.  The elevator is not a ride at an amusement park.  It’s coming back, be patient.

But Manchild has a different point of view.  He has seen this happen at his work place, particularly at lunch.  He said during lunch, the elevator can be crowded, so people will get on even if going in the wrong direction, just a have a place.

Hmmmmm… I get it, but it’s still a tad lazy.  Especially for one floor.  My favorite professor told us his ‘One up, two down’ rule.  At the hospital, if your destination is either one floor up or two floors down, take the stairs.

I wholeheartedly believe in this rule.

What are you penny thoughts?  Are you sometimes a rider?


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