Pet Peeve- Elevator Riders



I haven’t experienced this in a long time, but it happened last week.  I was taking the elevator from the 7th floor down to the 2nd.  My friends and I stepped into a car with about 5 other people.  One friend got off at 5.  A lady sighed ‘Oh it skipped 6.’  She didn’t get off.

I guess she was just planning to ride until it made its last stop and ride back up.  Why didn’t she just get off at 5 and take the stairs one flight?  In my judgement, laziness.

When I originally thought about this pet peeve, I thought about people who get on an elevator, knowing it’s not going in the direction they want and actually say ‘Oh I’m a just ride’.

What? No.  Just wait until it comes back.  The elevator is not a ride at an amusement park.  It’s coming back, be patient.

But Manchild has a different point of view.  He has seen this happen at his work place, particularly at lunch.  He said during lunch, the elevator can be crowded, so people will get on even if going in the wrong direction, just a have a place.

Hmmmmm… I get it, but it’s still a tad lazy.  Especially for one floor.  My favorite professor told us his ‘One up, two down’ rule.  At the hospital, if your destination is either one floor up or two floors down, take the stairs.

I wholeheartedly believe in this rule.

What are you penny thoughts?  Are you sometimes a rider?


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  1. OMG! I HAVE THIS PET PEEVE! The other day, a man got on the elevator with me and rode to the second floor. ONE FLOOR, REALLY? I don’t understand…and not to be mean, but he could use the exercise. Take the stairs, lazy man

  2. Yes… it irks my nerves. I am trying not to judge people about why they are not taking the steps. Work in progress lol