The Trashy Truth- Stale Popcorn

This is the first of a series where for some reason I have decide to divulge less than desirable likes, habits, traits, etc.

With the end of the movie awards season coming to a close Sunday with the Academy Awards, I have been trying to pack in as much culture as possible.  I mean I should want to see Silver Linings Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty right?  These are the critically acclaimed pictures that sophisticated people go see and then discuss.  I shouldn’t waste my time with low-class movies like A Haunted House.

Honestly, I really want to see all the above and more.  I like going to the show (as Midwesterners say).  But ticket prices are getting a little ridiculous.  I mean the other weekend, I was in Atlanta and when I treated my mom to Argo and forgot to ask for a senior ticket I got a little mad at myself.  Yes I only would have saved $1 but it’s the principle.

With the expensive admission, I tend to skip the snack (see saving $1 above).  But when I went to see Lincoln last weekend, I treated myself with a medium popcorn with butter.  Lots ‘o’ butter.  I purposely didn’t eat it all.  I wanted to eat it the next day, when it would knowingly be stale.

I really thoroughly enjoy stale, buttered, salted popcorn.  I think I inherited this from my mother.  It’s so yummy.  It’s a shameful, trashy treat.  And this time I think I heard a little squeak when I was eating it.  Like if I had chewed on styrofoam… it sounds horribly disgusting as I try to describe it.  But I love it!  Nom nom nom.





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