The Trashy Truth- Salted Peanuts…. Shells

The other night my mom fussed at me about not calling her enough.  It had been over a week, which is longer than normal, but it felt like the week went by kinda fast.  Manchild and I closed on a house on Good Friday and are going to vacation next week.  So we were trying to get things in order.  Not to mention a wedding I have yet to make any final decisions on… but goal is this week (we’ll see about that).

My mom asked if I was cooking today, as it was Sunday.  I hadn’t planned on it.  I made a quiche the night before (post on that coming), but I knew that was not going to satisfy manly dinner grumblings.  The chicken I took out the freeze wasn’t quite defrosted.  “Can’t you de-frost in the microwave?”  Sure, but clearly I was being lazy, because I called Manchild to see what we were going to do.  We decided on Five Guys.

For those unfamiliar, Five Guys has basically four menu items- burgers, hot dogs, fries… maybe grilled cheese.  A number of toppings are available.  It’s a deliciously fattening place.

They also have salted roasted shelled peanuts to snack on.




I am not a big peanut fan.  I prefer other, healthier nuts for my snacks like almonds or cashews.  But I was excited about the peanut shells.  I love to suck the salt from the shell.  Sometimes I will even eat a few shells.  Manchild told me that is real low budget.

It is.

I can’t really think of a non-food comparison for texture.  I thought cardboard at first, but I imagine that’s not crunchy enough.  Peanut shells are probably the ultimate roughage though… so yay for my colon (maybe). Boo for my sodium intake.






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