“Hi, I’m Whit and I’m witty.”

That’s my standard icebreaker at conferences, meetings, etc. –you know when they ask you to “pick adjective that describes you and starts with the same letter as your first name.”

I am a thirty-something-year old lady.

I use the word ‘lady’ a bit loosely.  Sometimes I think of myself as a person with various layers of personality.

The outer layer: An old bitty- blunt, snarky with a sweet spot for vintage clothes, furniture and old homes. I carry a purse that contains a multitude of just-in-case items like floss, eye drops, bobby pins, safety pins, alcohol pads.

The inner layer: A teenage boy that laughs loudly at inappropriate things, at inappropriate times.  He also finds extreme humor in immature things like the word ‘doo-doo’ and is an aspiring hip hop star.

At my very core: A lady who is a lover of baking, DIY, entertaining, ruffles, polka dots (see old bitty) and obsessed with office supplies and organizing stores.

I hope you find this site entertaining, inspiring, helpful and funny.

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate you taking time to come on over.