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It’s Summer

Happy summer solstice!

The past few days, the weather has been ideal here in the city of brotherly love.  Highs in the 80s.  Not too humid.  Just right.  That may all change in the blink of an eye, so I thought I should go out after work and enjoy it.

But I didn’t.

Instead, I ran errands.  Went to the wholesale big box warehouse to get fixings for a salad I’m taking to a crab boil tomorrow.  Swept floors at home.  I did get the new CDs from J. Cole and Kanye.  And a mediocre milkshake.

One of the best things about summer is the DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince classic, Summertime.  This song always makes me grin from ear to ear.  The lyrics are still relevant needing a break from all the out-of-control poppin’ songs, nostalgia sparked by summer scents, maximum frontin’.  Yes I said frontin’.  And now that I live in Philly, it feels a little more special that I have been to the Plateau and recognize sights from the video.

So on this official start to the summer, enjoy my very favorite song of the season.



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On Repeat- Omarion ‘M.I.A.’

I am currently OB-sessed with this song.

When I first listened to the words, I thought ‘Oh no O, what happened? Why’d she leave?’…  He’s sad, trying to numb the pain with alcohol, fill the void with other women.  However, if you listen too close, you may notice it is not the deepest song ever, and could be a little contradictory.  (He loves this woman but has another basically waiting in line…)

Then I watched video.

Um, sir, you cheated.  Hell yeah she should be M.I.A.

Ultimately, I could care less about the fact that he is a jerk in the song/video.  And of course the video is a misogynistic with the ladies in the lingerie.  But the song has a sexy, chill feel.  It has Wale.  I think it falls in line with being ‘sophisatrachet’.

What’s even better…. it’s available as a free download!  Below is a link of Omarion’s EP.  Some of the songs are mehhhhh, but all that matters is ‘M.I.A.’ is on there.


Alright in the playlist.


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On Repeat- Washed Out ‘Feel It All Around’

Long time no post…. holidays, vacation, laziness, blah blah…

With the new year comes a new season of a show I really like, ‘Portlandia’.  It stars Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen, you know the non-distinct ethnic guy from SNL that has played Obama to a Native American and every nationality in between. This comedy sketch show is hilarious.  It pokes fun at Portland residents and those like them.  I call them the Subaru crowd.  The crunchy, granola, Teva wearing, recycling police, reusable grocery bag only, co-op members.

I laugh at the show because I am partly one of the crowd.  I try to recycle as much as I can, have at least six reusable bags in my car at all times and belong to a great co-op (that is in walking distance).

I also like the show because of the theme song, ‘Feel It All Around.’  It is a chillwave, downtempo, relaxing tune with simple lyrics.  This is not an official video…from what I can tell there is none.  But I like this visual interpretation of the song, especially when it is 32 degrees outside.

So sit back, relax and feel it all around you.

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On Repeat- Rihanna ‘Diamonds’

I am not sure when I turned into a Rihanna fan, but I know I was reluctant.  She is a beautiful woman, has dozens of popular, catchy songs, but not a magnificent singer (however, in my humble opinion, there are very few extraordinary mainstream singers today).  But lately I have enjoyed her music more and more.  To the point that I bought her last album Talk That Talk.  Even admitting that is a big step.

And every time Diamonds comes on the radio, crank it up.  I cannot get enough of this song lately.

I think as I see her more on one of my fav shows ‘Fashion Police’, I have come to like her more.  It seems she is expressing herself, whether by song, clothes, or a plethora of tattoos, and isn’t really concerned about approval.  I like that.  I may not always find her holey denim hot pants or her neck tat to be of my taste, but I do like  a woman that is confident.

So here is the official video for Diamonds.  Enjoy!

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On Repeat- Lauryn Hill and Youngbloodz

My alma mater’s homecoming is this weekend.  Spelman provided me with an experience I don’t even have the words to express. But it some part, she has been a large part in the woman I am today.

In 1998 Lauryn Hill released her debut solo album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”.  It was in heavy rotation on radio stations and in dorms on campus.  That album was the background music of my freshman year in college.  Every time I hear a song, I remember walking to the Maxway and A&P, riding the MARTA to Lenox, having to sign in my beau for visitation and ADW class.

One of my favorite songs, currently on my iPod is the album’s namesake.  Ms. Hill’s lyrics and impeccable voice over uncomplicated music all merge into a timeless song that causes me to reflect on the world around me.

Not to get too deep, I have another song for you.  An A-town classic as T.I. points on in the video.  “85” by Youngbloodz.  I can’t get enough of the chorus.

Well hopefully you have enjoyed my musical stroll down memory lane circa 1998-99.  I hope all my Spelman sisters are enjoying themselves this weekend, I wish I was there kickin’ it with ya’ll!



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On Repeat- Donny Hathaway ‘A Song For You’

Today I was attempting to flight to Nashville standby and that didn’t work out.  So I wound up going to a Pilates class where the instructor played a number of Donny Hathaway songs.

I am in awe of this man’s talent and am in love with his voice.  So of course I come home and play ‘A Song For You’ ten times.  Well come to find out, Donny Hathaway was born October 1, 1945.  Maybe the Pilates instructor knew that or maybe it’s a coincidence.  Whatever the case, happy birthday to an extraordinary vocalist and musician.

Enjoy the video.  This one has the lyrics with the song.  Take time to read them.

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On Repeat- Awkward Black Girl S2, E4

‘On Repeat’ will be a series about songs, videos, clips, etc. I can’t get enough of and thus play over and over and over.  You get it I’m sure.

To start, a new episode of Awkward Black Girl was released on September 13!

I honestly cannot get enough of this popular web series.  This is the second season.  I must admit, the last episode wasn’t quite is hilarious as most others.  But episode 4 “The Search” is back at the inappropriateness, awkwardness and random dancing that made season 1 such a hit.  I love it.  ABG causes me to guffaw to the point of causing upper respiratory irritation.

Check out the lastest episode.

What are your penny thought about ABG?

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