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On Repeat- Omarion ‘M.I.A.’

I am currently OB-sessed with this song.

When I first listened to the words, I thought ‘Oh no O, what happened? Why’d she leave?’…  He’s sad, trying to numb the pain with alcohol, fill the void with other women.  However, if you listen too close, you may notice it is not the deepest song ever, and could be a little contradictory.  (He loves this woman but has another basically waiting in line…)

Then I watched video.

Um, sir, you cheated.  Hell yeah she should be M.I.A.

Ultimately, I could care less about the fact that he is a jerk in the song/video.  And of course the video is a misogynistic with the ladies in the lingerie.  But the song has a sexy, chill feel.  It has Wale.  I think it falls in line with being ‘sophisatrachet’.

What’s even better…. it’s available as a free download!  Below is a link of Omarion’s EP.  Some of the songs are mehhhhh, but all that matters is ‘M.I.A.’ is on there.

Alright in the playlist.


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