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On Repeat- Rihanna ‘Diamonds’

I am not sure when I turned into a Rihanna fan, but I know I was reluctant.  She is a beautiful woman, has dozens of popular, catchy songs, but not a magnificent singer (however, in my humble opinion, there are very few extraordinary mainstream singers today).  But lately I have enjoyed her music more and more.  To the point that I bought her last album Talk That Talk.  Even admitting that is a big step.

And every time Diamonds comes on the radio, crank it up.  I cannot get enough of this song lately.

I think as I see her more on one of my fav shows ‘Fashion Police’, I have come to like her more.  It seems she is expressing herself, whether by song, clothes, or a plethora of tattoos, and isn’t really concerned about approval.  I like that.  I may not always find her holey denim hot pants or her neck tat to be of my taste, but I do like  a woman that is confident.

So here is the official video for Diamonds.  Enjoy!

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